Welcome to Twelvesquared Art Gallery

This gallery features the works of artist Ronald Gross. Come on in and take a look around.

Only a Few Sketches Left

So, the Sketchbook Project is winding down. Only a few sketches to go and then getting it ready to send off to Brooklyn, where it will be available to view at the Brooklyn Art Library.

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New Project with Musician, Matthew Hammond

I have been working on a collaboration with musician, Mathew Hammond . Matthew creates unique musical pieces for me to listen to.  I then create abstract drawings while listening to them and then send it back to him, which he then creates a new musical piece from. A process not unlike[…]

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Celebrating 50

So in anticipation of my 50th birthday, I made time and space to create a painting to commemorate the event. It took me a few days or actually nights to complete the painting. I believe it is my largest painting to date. The painting itself is a mix of painting[…]

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