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Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge

30-Day challenge starts on January 2, 2020 and ends January 31, 2020. 

This 30-day challenge is to introduce you to the simple act of drawing every day (art journaling) and by using crayons it makes it so much easier than with any other art tool (crayon journaling).

Crayonuary® rules:

Equipment needed: Any type of wax crayon(s) and paper, preferably a 30 or more page sketchbook or pad. (see Crayonuary® Tools)

How it works: Make a drawing with a crayon* or two or three. It can be as simple as a circle or a line or complex as a futuristic city. It can take 2 minutes to do or 2 hours, there is no time limit. Just do it every day for the next 30 days.

Examples of crayon journaling can be seen here.

Post them on any social media account you want and hashtag crayonuary (#crayonuary) or email it to me crayonuary@twelvesquared.com and I will post it for you. If you want to remain anonymous or just keep them to yourself that is okay too. The important thing is to do the drawing.

Note: It is very important you use crayon. There is a psychological attachment we have with crayons that can free you from the fear of drawing. (See Crayon Journaling)

Wax On!