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Happy New Year 2018

Artistically 2017 was a year of awakening. I broke out the canvas and the paints and was able to paint two large paintings last year. It was a year of reflection with the redesign of my website. Having to go through a lifelong look at my past works and choosing which ones I want to put up on this site. And, it was a year of getting back to drawing. Starting as a daily art journal and now I draw almost every day. I have been working with Prismacolor Art Stix and Faber- Castell PITT pens (birthday presents from Lin and the kids) for the past three months and have had a great time experimenting with them. Here is my first drawing of 2018 and I will soon upload an online show of the drawings that came out of this pencil/marker experimentation. I’m looking forward to another artistically rich year for myself and all y’all.


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