Welcome to Twelvesquared Art Gallery

This gallery features the works of artist Ronald Gross. Come on in and take a look around.

No Longer Under Construction. Twelvesquared.com is Live.

It has been a great experience rebuilding my website. It was originally designed in Flash and even though it looked cool, it no longer served its purpose. One, it couldn’t be viewed from a mobile device and two, if you don’t have Flash installed on your computer you wouldn’t be able to view it. In the process of converting to a WordPress site, I went through all my art . It was quite retrospective as I went back to some of my earliest artistic smatterings. I journeyed through almost four decades of creative work ending in the latest, “Excerpts from my Art Journal” which you can view in the Gallery.  I’m happy to share this visual journey with you all and I will be adding more galleries as I prepare them for viewing. If you would like to contact the artist, please email him at rongross@twelvesquared.com. Please check back soon for more updates.

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