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This gallery features the works of artist Ronald Gross. Come on in and take a look around.

Winter Wax

It’s the dead or I like to think of it as the life of Winter. Mid-February and the days here in Texas fluctuate from down in the 30’s and up into the 80’s; sweater to T-shirt, T-shirt to sweater. Winter is always a time to go inward and inward i have gone. With my set of vintage crayons that I acquired from my late father, I have been delving into a 14″x17″ sketchpad. Part of it is an offshoot from the sketchbook project I’ve been working on with Matthew Hammond and the rest of it is to just get off tons of things that have been on my mind and plagueing my sleep. Here are few samples to check out. I’m going to collect the best of these in about a month or so and do an online show with it. More to come…


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